Our company was established on the 9th of September 1945. The Work Co-operative and Repository of Educational Aids - ‘SPEN"’ was founded then with its headquarters in Grodzisk Mazowiecki.

The main activity of the co-operative at that time was production of educational aids including display cabinets, globes, abacuses, boards, benches, etc. as well as kitchen furniture and playground equipment.
The constant growth of wood products production triggered the name change of the co-operative into The Worker’s Co-operative of Wood Products “SPEN” in 1951. 

In January 1955, as a consequence of expanding its activity to confectionery products, another change of the name was made and we were called  The Worker’s Co-operative “JUTRZENKA” from that moment.
We started production of hard candies, stuffed candies, lollipops and chocolate products including the traditional “plum in chocolate”.
Moreover, in nearby Orneta production of confectionery bakery products, mainly ginger bread and wafers, was set. Simultaneously wood goods production is continued and metallurgical services are expanded.

During years 1958-1962  there were eight factories incorporated in the co-operative that offered:

  • wood products,
  • metal products,
  • hard candies and chocolate products,
  • wafer products

In 1962 the co-operative production profile started to be transformed and concentrated more on the confectionery branch.

An effort was made to build and launch a new modern confectionery factory in Dobre Miasto.
The Wood and metallurgical production departments were closed.

That is why in 1965 the name was changed once more into The Work Co-operative of Confectionery Industry "JUTRZENKA" in Dobre Miasto and in 1997 into The Work Co-operative of Confectionery Industry „Jutrzenka-Dobre Miasto”. This was possible thanks to the resolution passed by the Dobre Miasto Town Council that allowed Dobre Miasto crest to be used in the name of the factory.

Also in 1965 export production was launched. The first clients were companies from Germany, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Hungary and France.

In the 70’s the production line was modernized thanks to purchase of caramel and toffee candy machines and chocolate icing line.

The confectionery products gained a wide popularity and the factory itself, a very modern one at that time, was greatly admired by many school, university and company trips.

The new reality of the 90’s were though times for the co-operative. The company lacked qualified management aware of mechanisms and rules of the new free market. That fact caused the co-operative to function with problems. 

In 2001  privatization of the co-operative began. As a result, a limited liability company was formed and named Zakłady Cukiernicze "Jutrzenka - Dobre Miasto" Sp. z o.o.. 

Currently the factory is quickly regaining its former position in confectionery market thanks to using old, well known and clients-admired recipes.